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    Re: 1200mi on the Z
    Reply #10 on: Aug 03, 2018, 04.36 pm
    Aug 03, 2018, 04.36 pm
    *Originally Posted by bootstrapjesse [+]
    Wow! That is so cool. It's amazing you got all that stuff on the pillion. Good job packing.

    Yeah, it took some figuring. But with a combination of bungees and ratchet straps it was doable. just had to be mindful of what and how to pack it to make sure it had some structure to it.

    *Originally Posted by Davis_man [+]
    Nice! I am about to do something similar. I finally got my SW-Motech mounting brackets for the blaze panniers I had on my fz 07. I might have to experience the Tail of the Dragon when the leaves start changing.  :305:

    I really wanna get to panniers but can't quite justify the expense quite yet. The panniers I used were some cheapy generic Coleman ones I got off of Amazon. They worked surprisingly well for the purpose.

    *Originally Posted by Praetorian602 [+]
    HAHA that is awesome gotta love it. Where did you get them? I really want to start adding some stuff like that to my z900. I currently have a berserk one and also Megalobox.

    I'm a member of a couple of groups on Facebook.  I can't remember the names of the groups off the top of my head but if you search "Anime Stickers" I'm pretty sure the group w/ the most members will be the right one. It has a searchable directory for stores that sell all kinds of stickers and merch that can be searched by show name and such.

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    Re: 1200mi on the Z
    Reply #11 on: Aug 04, 2018, 01.31 am
    Aug 04, 2018, 01.31 am
    What was the hammock rig in the pic?  How did that work for you?