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    Re: Engine Running Temp
    Reply #10 on: Aug 26, 2017, 03.25 am
    Aug 26, 2017, 03.25 am
    *Originally Posted by moose65 [+]
    I live in Thailand and its bloody hot here all the time and I have noticed the bike runs hot on the gauge.
    However I recently got caught in Bangkok traffic and I watched the gauge like a hawk, I noticed it will get to the top bar and then the thermo fan kicks in, she then cools rapidly whilst roasting my left foot (note to self, buy boots and stop wearing sandals on bike). The temp seemed to go up and down quite happily over the half hour I was held up.
    So back to bike shop, I asked about the high temp and the service guy said "don't wolly,  temp gauge too low"

    so I guess I wont worry.   :002:

    Same here... Commuting every day in Bangkok, and in the early morning (05:00-05:300) when the temperature is around 24-28ºC (that's 75-82 F for countries like Liberia, Belize, ...  :038:), the gauge stays quite stable in the middle.
    When I go back home though, the temp raises to 34-38ºC (93-100 F) and then the gauge climbs easily up to second highest bar (and on very rare occasions to the top). What influences the temperature is of cause traffic jams, which doesn't give enough airflow to the radiator to cool down the engine...

    Me not wolly too  :018:
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