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Re: Tank bag
Reply #20 on: July 30, 2021, 10:11:24 AM
*Originally Posted by spacejunkiehsv [+]
I need a tank bag.  I was looking at the GIVI 603.  I'm short, 5'7", and am wondering if that one will block my view of the display on my 2021.  I know that bag is not huge, but still... I'm using a backpack for now.  That really sucks when it's hot,, 95*F and humid here this week.

I'm not set on any type of mounting style or the other.  I would prefer to avoid straps though.  I just want something that works well on the Z900 and allows me to see my display well.

All I want to fit is my boot rain covers, a pair of rain pants, a 16 oz water bottle or two, a ballcap, and a pair of glasses.  Any extra room would be nice, as long as I could see my display, especially the speedometer.

Im a bit taller than you, but dont have any issue seeing the clock, though Ive got a 2017. Only part of mine I cant see is the clock at the very bottom of the screen unless I lean forward.
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Re: Tank bag
Reply #21 on: July 30, 2021, 04:24:30 PM
Not sure if it is made any longer but sure it can be found somewhere but I have an Alpinestars tech aero bag for 10 years now. It is magnetic and has straps as well. I love this bag and have traveled on week long 2,000 mile trips without issue. It comes with a built in rain fly as well. I use it on all my bikes but only a handful of times on the Z. Mine is a 2020 and did not have issue seeing the dash unless it was fully packed with extended zipper open. I don't use it much on the Z as I bought a nelson rigg tail bag but also have grown to not like carrying much with me on the Z. To each their own. Good luck in your search.

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Re: Tank bag
Reply #22 on: July 30, 2021, 06:50:03 PM
i've used a tank bag several times - i have an oxford made one and its quite sizable.  can fit a tray of four starbucks frappes in it. :p

Anyhow, i disliked the magnets for the micro scratches they left after a long run (vibrations).  It also came with a tank pad you could strap down with bungees, and it would zip on and off (magnetic flaps would tuck in between).

Only reason i'd want a tank bag now after many roadtrips, is for a paper map (the top flap is a clear plastic which you can slip a paper (directions) inside) or for quick wallet/change access for tolls.  Snacks were also easily accessible which was a nice thing on long runs. 

But overall i moved to saddle bags to keep the open feeling on the bike that gets a bit squished with a big tank bag.  (edit- its kind of nice having the bag as a cushion sometimes)

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