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on: July 31, 2019, 05:16:48 PM
there are many tyres listed previously in the forum, but have we got to the point of knowing which tyres are the best for the Z900 ?

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Re: Tyres
Reply #1 on: July 31, 2019, 05:43:40 PM
Depends on the riding style. Anything from premium brands in sport touring to sport segment should be fine.(Road Attack, Angel GT, Rosso 3, S22 and so on.. ). I would bet, that random aftermarket tyre will be better, than factory ones :)

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Re: Tyres
Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 01:07:09 PM
*Originally Posted by waddy24 [+]
there are many tyres listed previously in the forum, but have we got to the point of knowing which tyres are the best for the Z900 ?

So, my go to sport touring tires are Metzeler Z6. I have used those for years and they are great commuting tires since I ride year round, rain, shine, and down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. I put about 11k on a set after I wore through the stock tires. They've always performed well in all conditions and I ride very sporty/quick. Never had any issues carving up back roads on them either.

For the last 2.5k miles I've had on Bridgestone S22's and they are absolutely phenomenal. The level of grip and stability in this tire is absolutely amazing and it really shines when you're pushing the bike hard through twisties. These are by far my favorite tires I've used up until this point. These would serve as fantastic dual purpose track day tires and fast sport riding on the roads. Not sure how they'll hold up mileage wise, but so far so good.

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Re: Tyres
Reply #3 on: February 14, 2020, 12:52:56 AM
Just saw this review on the Pirelli Rosso Corsa 2 tyres and the reviewer is raving about them as the ultimate do everything tyre.


Anyone here had any experience with them?

[NB: This is referring to the Pirelli Rosso Corsa 2 tyres not the Pirelli Rosso 2s which are different tyres.]

Review below:


PIRELLI ROSSO CORSA 2 - The do it all tyre!
(Note: not to be confused with the Rosso 2)

Pirelli has hit a masterstroke - making a tyre that DOES IT ALL!

As previously discussed, tyres are always an extremely personal choice, and this choice comes down to mainly a riders mindset and ego rather than than the actual performance and characteristics of a choice of rubber.
(that comment will get a few bites 🎣)

However, if you are indeed after the do it all tyre, here it is - The Pirelli Super Corsa 2!

✅ Dry road riding (general or spirited)
✅ Wet road riding (general or spirited)
✅ Dry Track riding
✅ Wet track riding
✅ Commuting (with higher pressures but would suggest Risso 2 or Angel GT2 if strictly commuting)

The RC2 is by far the best all-round road and track tyre I have had the pleasure of using, including wet road/track days, and have them fitted to this day!

I'm on my 4th pair and have written multiple reviews on other group pages without one negative thing to say besides the silica edges can tear up if your bikes traction control setting is turned up too high.

The front grip (especially in the wet) is absolutely unbelievable and makes the mind boggle. During a wet track day, I was almost challenging myself to see how late and hard I could brake each lap, but it just held!

The silica edges are as sticky as an SC/SP/slick, with the compound down the middle ready to take on thousands of kms. The edges have slick like tread depth indicators so you can see how much meat you have left with the standard wear indicators down the guts.

Sure, for the intermediate rider you may lose 0.5 of a second per lap, and for a faster rider maybe a touch more compared to an SC/SP or equivalent. But you can also get 6000+ km's (and this is with multiple track days) out of them which is something I have not seen from any tyre that offers that level of performance in all conditions!

You can then take your bike from the track and be completely confident that the tyre you have fitted is ready for the wet mountain roads including those boring rides to work!

The time it takes them to warm up is also very impressive, and they are ready to go straight off the shelf. No waxy coating to catch you out (tread carefully if course, yes, pun intended).

Again, the amount of grip on offer is beyond belief and they are a hugely confidence-inspiring tyre. Linked together with a perfect suspension setup, and the bike is a blast to ride.

Remember, you can select the stickiest tyre but they won't be effective unless in their working temperature range, something the RC2 is perfect for, having a huge working temp range! I want more grip more of the time!

I have run the RC2 on:
2013Triumph Street Triple R
2018 Triumph Street Triple 765RS
2015 MV Augusta Brutale 800RR
2011 MV Augusta Brutale 920 (track bike)

Pressures: (for my setup)
Track: 33/34 front, 28/29 rear (with warmers)
Road: 33 front 33 rear (cold) - all rear round.

$485 - $550 fitted

To take my word for it, give them a go!

Like this article?! Give it a share and let me know!

You can find all the article links here:


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