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New here...
on: August 13, 2019, 02:01:06 AM
Well, I joined the club yesterday.

So, for 15+ years, I have wallowed in the world Harley-Davidson. Not just riding the bikes, but also working at a dealership for ten of those years. I never considered myself a Koolaid drinker, having started out on Sportbikes, but the bikes became my ride of choice.

Two years ago, things started to unravel for me inside that little world. I had bought a new 2017 Dyna to replace my old, always falling apart Shovel. The Dyna had some issues, right from the start, but it ran and rode. A month later, the new Softails were released. A month later, I bought a Fat Bob that had been dropped in the showroom by a fellow employee. Many issues with that bike. A year and a half later, I was tired and didn't want to deal with it anymore, and downsized/traded for a Sportster.

Evo Sportster motors are generally considered to be bulletproof...except for the one I got.

Blown motor, and months in the dealership, I finally had had it. I did something I never thought I would do, I broke off the relationship with HD. They stepped up and did the right thing, buying the bike back, but I was moving on, once and for all.

I started searching for a bike. Initially looking at Japanese cruisers. It is want I knew for many years. It was comfortable. I looked at a few, and they all reminded me of HD. I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. Something deep down had completely turned me off and there was no going back.

Which brings me to the Z900. Spotted in a dealership while looking at cruisers. The bike had just over two thousand miles on it, still bone stock, and cheap, at five grand. Very cheap compared to what I had grown accustomed to.

I walked away, thinking, sportbikes were a thing of the past for me. Only I kept thinking about this bike, while looking at other bikes, in other dealers.

I went back. It was still there. I took that as a sign, and pulled the trigger.

I put about 150 miles on the bike going home. Honestly, the power scared the sh#t out of me at first. I hadn't been on anything with balls, in years.

I'll get used to the power, get used to rounding a corner without sending sparks lightly leaning. It will take a bit.

But, it does feel like coming home.....

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Re: New here...
Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 03:58:04 AM
Welcome Home Bro.. I started riding dirt then to sport bikes. Maybe when I get too old to ride sport bikes I'll get a cruiser.

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Re: New here...
Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 04:19:04 AM
Welcome Beardo 
I started on dirtbikes myself back in the day. Honda Elsinores. Then moved on to street bikes later on.

I have a friend that flips Harleys. He buys them crashed or with blown motors so I've worked on a few. What amazes me is how stubborn HD is about moving the bike into the future. They seem to care not one iota about designing a lightweight bike outside of the Sportster, which in its own right isn't a bad bike, just old technology. But then there was in the early 2000's when they isolated the engine from the frame which added close to fifty pounds to the Sportster. LOL.
Form over function.
They have some new designs coming out but it's probably too little too late. Shoulda let Eric Buell have his way.

Anyways, enjoy the z900. Ride well.  :821:

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Re: New here...
Reply #3 on: August 13, 2019, 11:06:23 AM
2017 Z900
Knock off shorty levers, custom bar ends w/ bar end mirrors, dbl bubble screen and pillion cover. T-Rex frame sliders, 16 tooth front sprocket, Led headlight bulbs, rear pegs removed,  ZX6 foot pegs and a custom wrap.
 Race Fit Titanium Brawler, 2Wheel Dyno Works Reflash and AIS plugged.