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Re: Two brothers?
Reply #20 on: June 30, 2020, 06:38:41 PM
*Originally Posted by jaanpla [+]
You mean the LV10 with stock headers? If so I can record a sound clip if you want.

Edit... Sorry, didn't notice you said EU model. Mine is US

Yes, 2020 US exhaust is (i think) the same as 2017-2019, EU (World to be exact, as Kawasaki cals it) is different. Noise level 92 (US) vs 97 (other) db @4750rpm which is significant (roughly - double to human perception).

and to be clear: that noise level is not actual, it is max allowed. In EU there is a tolerance of 5db, so with 97db at sticker, 102 is max allowed, an i can tel you that is very loud, my former Z750 measured 98-99db @ 5250 rpm (stock headers, leo vince lv one muffler WITH db killer) and was waaaaaay louder than my 2020 Z900 with stock exhaust
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