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Re: Intermittent No Start. Dealer Couldn't Duplicate.
Reply #10 on: July 10, 2020, 01:53:56 PM
If it is battery you could get it drop tested to eliminate, a dodgy cell can give similar fault.I have never had a gel battery much past 2 years on  any bike. Could check obvious things like battery and all the earth connections not just tight but clean and tight. I would firstly  test each of the cut off switches and connecting plugs  for gear indicator , clutch ,side stand and kill switch  for resistance and corrosion also the start button switch for corrosion just to eliminate them could give each switch one at a time  a squirt of Armaclean or wd40 to clean contacts if you do them all and fault is gone you won't know which one it was.When the fault appears you could just unplug and bypass each switch to test switch.
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Re: Intermittent No Start. Dealer Couldn't Duplicate.
Reply #11 on: July 10, 2020, 02:46:15 PM
I live in an area where I have to put up my bikes over the winter. I have three. They all have charging dongles. I have smart chargers and even solar charger panels in the shed. The output of a $20 solar panel is low but it keeps electrons moving through the battery. The cords are hanging from the ceiling in my shed. I pull the bike in, shut it off, get of the bike, plug it in. It takes two seconds.

Over the winter I bring the batteries into the basement to rotate them by week on my smart charger. I get six or seven years out of a battery, possibly more.

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Re: Intermittent No Start. Dealer Couldn't Duplicate.
Reply #12 on: July 10, 2020, 02:51:18 PM
*Originally Posted by StreetbikeTimmy [+]
Like the title states, my '17 Z900 decides it doesnt want to start at times. It wont even crank. Key on, and everything powers up. Press the start button, and nothing happens. The first time it happened, it took multiple attempts and basic checks. Kill switch, kickstand, clutch lever, shifted to neutral.... everything was in the correct position (visually at least) I finally got it to start by rolling the bike backward a few feet while pressing the start button with the following conditions: Transmission in neutral, kickstand up, clutch lever pulled.

This is where it gets strange.

When it did turn over and fire up the check engine light was on. Checked the code through the cluster and it showed Code 21: Crankshaft position sensor open circuit.  The bike ran fine during my morning commute roughly 20 miles (32 km for the rest of the world)

I stopped for fuel just before getting to work and the bike started without issue after fueling, but I decided to schedule an appointment with the dealer anyway.

I stripped the bike down when I got to work and checked the crank sensor. Best Spec i could find online was a Resistance of 470 ohms. Mine measured 430 ohms. Contacts in the connector were tight and continuity was good. The harness was pretty taught so I went ahead and pulled one or two of the securing clips to give some slack.

After a 3 week wait for an appointment with the dealer and 3-4 more weeks at the dealer, they claim they were never able to duplicate my concern.

A few more details:
During the 3 weeks I waited for my appointment, I couldn't resist the weather so I continued to ride. The check engine light went away after a few days and the bike was starting easier. No more rolling backward needed.

The bike would start after pushing the button 2-3 times but occasionally I would only get a half crank. Then on the next attempt it would start right up

Never experienced an extended crank time. 1-2 revolutions and it fires.

So I get the bike back on a Saturday and go to start it on Monday morning. Nothing.... Second attempt. Fires right up.  It will literally happen every single time the bike sits for at least a couple hours. Im not taking it back to dealer and missing any more of this riding season. Free parts and labor be damned!  I'm an automotive tech at a dealership so I know how things should be done vs how they (unfortunately) are sometimes done.  Hopefully with your help and some technical/ testing specs of the starting system, I can just fix it myself.

Sorry for the lengthy post! I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Thanks for hangin in there and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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LED headlight bulbs.   
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Super post! :152:
Thank you so much for the details.
It was helpful to me. :062:

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Re: Intermittent No Start. Dealer Couldn't Duplicate.
Reply #13 on: July 11, 2020, 10:07:58 PM
I had a zx6 that would do this.  It wasn't as bad as yours is.  Mine would act up, occasionally.    I fixed it, almost by accident.

I was looking through ebay and noticed how cheap relay boxes were, for specific Kawasakis .  Some were 10-15.00, shipped.  Others were 149.00.

I decided it would be a good idea to have a spare relay box.  In my search, I noticed how there were several different bikes that used the same piece, and same part number.  Mine happened to match up to the ninja 300.  I ordered it and put it in the bike to test it.  It worked, so I left it in.  The problem never happened, again,

When you troubleshoot, it's never a great idea to throw parts at something, but in this case, the used box was so cheap, it might be worthwhile for you to try.  It was easy to change (3 plugs) .  Even if it does nothing, at least its a part you can remove from the list. I suspect your bike is similar, and the relay box is used in other models.