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Re: I like archery, and my Creed tactical bow from Mathews!
Reply #10 on: September 08, 2020, 07:49:47 PM
*Originally Posted by porkchop [+]
I still got an old faithful producing tree stand in the woods but 32 years up in the wind + cold all day gets to me now, sometimes the right days or conditions I'll go sit.
300+ acres of farmland & patch of woods I can hunt, my Dad's 80 years old and still goes out but after opening weekend it's afternoon till dark (he'd rather sleep in some).
I built a 6x6x6 solid hut for myself over the Summer with sliding windows, old swivel office chair, heater, couple shelves & hooks for TP / #2 bucket (why poop in the cold) and I knew he'd take it over. 
He didn't want to be climbing up a 16' ladder anymore either so made him a natural ground blind / chair (mine was "not real hunting" to him)  :015:
....Opening day Nov 17 last year there was snow + 12 degrees, got an 8am radio call he was cold at the bottom of the hill and ready to go home-  plenty of room for him at "the Hilton", turned the Mr Buddy heater up a notch and his 4 wheeler was there in about 30 seconds lol.
We passed up a few and didn't get anything out of it all season but had some great time together, that's ok with me. 
He's looking at buying a pre assembled one for this year  :001:
.          I know the feeling we have nice blinds with heaters now days also. Its not hard hunting like when your younger but it sure is nice sitting on a comfy office chair with a heater when its super cold out! Also makes for a good steady shot! Have had good quality time over the years hunting with the kids, wife, and dad sitting in a big blind! ( not all at same time😜)