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Newb Z900 owner
on: April 25, 2021, 12:30:25 AM

I'm glad I found this forum for other Z900 owners and enthusiasts.  Here's a bit about me and who I am as a rider. 

I'm call myself a "newer" rider with just about 2 years under my belt.  I rode a little in my twenties (very little, no licence etc.) but decided when I turned 50 to pic up riding again - but that's another story.    :038:

I bought a Z400 ABS as my first bike to learn and develop riding skills on.  I also took a riding course (looking forward to a second class this summer) and passed.  I am a careful driver, I don't speed or take chances - even when driving a car.   I wear full gear and its about being seen and being noticed and being SAFE when I'm riding.   I don't ride in rain or bad weather and I don't like to drive on the interstate.  In fact, to this day I have not ridden on the interstate and have not rode at any speed over 55mph.   Rides to work are all country backroads with nice curves and turns along my 25 mile one way commute.   

So why a Z900?  I was not planning on buying a new motorcycle.  2021 models are hard to come by around here and unless its in stock - its a 3-4 month waiting period.  I was torn over buying the Z650 (the next logical step up from my Z400) but I was not sold on the colors.  I also didn't want to buy a motorcycle towards the end of the (my) riding season only to have it sit in a garage wasting away its warranty.  (My Z400 only had 500 miles on it when the warranty expired!)  I came across the Z900 casually looking at motorcycles for sale on the web.  The Plasma Blue grabbed my attention.  I saw 3-4 locally available in stock.  ALL were sold when I called to inquire.  :012:  I found one about a week later - new listing that morning by a Kawasaki Dealer and called first thing in the morning, not expecting it to be there, and reserving myself to just buy/ order a 2021 late November for the upcoming (2022) riding season.   To my surprise, the dealer said they just listed it that morning and the bike was still in the crate!.  A $500 deposit and a few days later I met my new bike.  :046:

To make a long story short, I got the bike for $8833.  (List was $9300).   The dealer was awesome - super easy to work with, They  did not charge a "setup fee", but I did pay some crazy required fees  such as freight, tax, title and a rip off documentation fee.   They set the bike up, did a good job going over all the features and took the time to talk "talk shop" for over an hour after the sale.    They filled up the tank and added a very nice battery tender before delivering it it to my home (two hours from the dealership).   The bike had about 0.8 miles on it when I saw it, and 1.8 miles when I took delivery.   It currently has about 20 miles.

My hopes that although this is a much larger Z than the 400 or 650, I can grow into the powerband with the power modes and traction control offered by the Z900.   So far it's been an awesome ride, sometime scary as a twist of the throttle and this thing flies!  Its more sensitive than the Z400 to steering input and I can feel the extra 100 lbs its brings.   But I will get use to all this and I LOVE the Plasma Blue color.  So happy to have it!

Here is an image of my Z900 I took as I left the dealer after signing the paperwork.  It was like leaving a family member.  :003:    She was delivered 4 days later...then the fun started!

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