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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #10 on: May 03, 2021, 02:15:22 PM
*Originally Posted by Oakr [+]
I am coming from a VTX 1800 R with full fairings and a Mustang seat. Really comfortable. I picked up my Z two days ago and had an hour ride from the dealership and this is my first non-cruiser bike. From a comfort perspective, no where close to my X, but when I was riding back, I found that if I am on a long stretch of road, I was curling my back. Once I straightened my back out, I had to remember to tighten my core and let the wind hit my chest so I could lean into it a little. The hard knee bend is something I will need to get used to, and I found that I was using a whole new set of muscles to ride. For me, it is like getting into a new sport. I just shifted my body around the Z, going back and forth on the seat and moving my feet from the ball of my feet to the arch, then turning out my feet.

With my cruisers, I would ride for hours with no issues, but these machines don't seem built for that. 30-40 minutes is about my limit before I want to get off and look at it. She is very pretty to look at.

Of course there is always the option to have multiple bikes, one for long distance, and the Z for spirited canyon carving. After all, motorcycles are like potato chips, should never have just one.

LOL, you've had it 2 days....
Definitely not a cruiser, go for a couple hours you'll condition & get used to it.
250 mile days become nothing.  :028:
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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #11 on: May 03, 2021, 02:44:27 PM
Stick with it and your muscles will definitely acclimatise. I commute every day on my z900 and love it. Every month I do 4 nights as a volunteer blood biker in the UK. We have a fleet of FJR1300S and 1250RTs. Probably some of the most comfortable bikes on the market, but I Get neck & back pain for the 1st night or so till my joints get used to the position.  Ride your Bike & your body adapts to a conventional set up like thez900  (( (although with race rep models like fireblades etc then you can't get away from the pressure on your wrists)

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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #12 on: July 27, 2021, 10:37:34 AM
*Originally Posted by iBuchon [+]
The type of riding you do makes a world of difference too. You said you got the Z for more speed, but if you ride straighter roads or even just normally curvy roads I don't think you'll be comfortable physically. If you ride curvier roads more aggressively all the discomfort goes away. Hope you get accustomed to it though.

I did one week touring in mountains.  Did around 1000 kilometers or 620 miles.  I agree with you.  Riding endless twisty roads in the mountains you will never get any pain. You moving around on the bike constantly so blood will circulate and no numbness will appear.

But riding straight highway roads makes you sit in same position over long periods and you can feel some numbness and pain creep up on you after about 45min in the seat and keeps getting worse until you either find a twisty road or take a 30min break.

The rider position doesn't allow you to move around to much. But for the longest stretches i was constantly moving around on the bike. Its no touring bike but its 10 times more fun riding the twisties then with a touring bike. I endure those 6 hours or pain on highway to enjoy 5 days of riding twisties any day.

The seat is just a torture tool :D    even with a 1cm gelpad on top it was hurts riding more then 2 hours without resting.

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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #13 on: July 27, 2021, 11:47:14 AM
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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #14 on: July 27, 2021, 01:22:02 PM
Yeah I would have to agree with you in the comfort assessment.  I guess it's a trade off.  Having come from a Honda CB650F with a very spongy suspension.  I wanted a stuffer suspension and got it lol.  But performance wise there is no comparison as how the Z can carve some corners with confidence.  I'm still getting use to mine as well.  I tried the ergo seat, but made things worse.
Far more comfortable to be "in" the bike than on top of it for me.  And I would have to agree with others assessments that it's most comfortable when riding aggressively and getting after it.  I find the comfort tolerable and getting better as I'm adjusting my riding position, triangle.  Logged a thousand miles, just over and it's getting better for me.  Good luck to you, hope it works out for you. 

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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #15 on: July 27, 2021, 04:27:55 PM
what crashcage did you install?  Curious about how you put footpegs on those?

Background - i rode my gixxer1k from toronto down to the dragon a couple years back (was mid fourties then), and it was hell on my hips and legs.  i wanted to stretch out so badly - did the superman resting my front ankles on passenger pegs from time to time, but that wasn't exactly comfy for long.  I wished i had some forward pegs just to relax the hips and thighs a bit.  I love the z, but i wouldn't mind some forward pegs somehow for my feet on a long run...

I have my xv1900 bagger as well, but it didn't do well at the dragon a couple years ago.... :p

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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #16 on: July 28, 2021, 09:25:05 AM
*Originally Posted by Ronman105 [+]
my hands hurt after very little time in the saddle.

To the OP, Im 52 and Im going to have the same issue with aching hands, pins and needles etc. Its the same on my mountain bike. Im coming off a Versys 1000 where it was my numb bum giving me most discomfort.

All you need to do is get bike fit as my mate used to call it. Your torso weight should be mostly supported by your core, with minimum weight into your wrists and hands. Im investing in some hyper-extensions in the gym and other deep core strengthening exercises.

Not much fun in the gym, but you can achieve the same thing riding your bike and practicing holding your weight with your lower torso muscles. It doesnt take long to get strong enough to enjoy an hour ride with no issues.

Im transferring my grip puppies from the Versys to my 900.
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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #17 on: July 29, 2021, 04:08:49 AM
When I was looking for my next bike this year, I had the 890 Duke R,  Street Triple RS,  Speed Triple RS, and for sh#ts and wild-ass-never-gonna-drop 20k-from-the showroom-floor-on-a-bike whim Ducatti Streetfighter. The KTM and the Triumphs would have fit me a little better ergonomically, but I preferred the Z900 engine to the Street Triple and didn't feel like the Speed Triple was worth another $7,000. I was sooooo close to getting the KTM, but it would have needed many of the upgrades I would need to make the Z900 fit me and ride better given my size and weight and  it would also cost at least $3000 more off of the showroom floor. For less than 1/4 of that extra 3k, I can get the Z900 dialed in. If you're going to have to adapt the bike to suit you, which is the case with most bikes, the Z900 has the best platform to do so IMHO. Great engine. Nice frame. Competitive street-level electronics and ABS. Everything else can, and most often will, be changed by anyone seriously into riding. It reminds me of the Suzuki SV650 in that way. The only bike I have ever owned that fit me completely (suspension, ergonomics, seat, bars, etc) was the 2013 Street Triple R. Every other bike I've ever owned has required modifications beyond cosmetics and farkles to keep me happy. It's easy to adjust the ergonomics of the Z900. Go for it.

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Re: Uncomfortable ride
Reply #18 on: August 21, 2021, 06:44:55 PM
Amazing how riders are so different when it comes to comfort. I am 5:9 with a 30 inch inseam and usually never ride my Z less than 150 miles on a ride. The stock seat was torture and immediately bought the Kaw Tall Seat and can ride all day without any real annoying discomfort. I am also 66 years old. I also ride a 2016 FJR1300 and actually find the Z more comfortable as the FJR tends to give me mid back strain. Always trying things to fix that where I just jump on the Z and never have issues. Hope you can figure it out. Just love mine.