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    Re: Rideology - what a piece of junk.
    Reply #40 on: Aug 24, 2022, 03.39 am
    Aug 24, 2022, 03.39 am
    The dealership where I purchased by 2022 from installed a battery tender quick connection that I finally decided to use.  I figured while I had the bike plugged in, I'd revisit the Rideology App.

    It turns out you have to have the App Open before turning the bike on.  I'm now able to consistency connect my phone to the bike without any fuss, and will try to start using this thing again the next time I go out.

    One thing that I did notice while playing in the app was the "tuning files" feature.  I got super exited for a moment until I read further and saw this feature is only compatible with:

      Ninja H2 SX 2019+
      VERSYS 1000 2019+
      ZH2 2020+
      Ninja 1000 SX 2020+
      ZH2 SE 2021+
      Ninja ZX-10R 2022+

    This seems like an incredible feature to have, especially if you can "tune" your bike on the fly through the APP.  I'm not sure if this is planned to be available for the z900s, but I'm certainly interested to generally learn more about this feature.

    Anyone here have any experience with Rideology Tuning Files?

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    Re: Rideology - what a piece of junk.
    Reply #41 on: Aug 24, 2022, 11.28 am
    Aug 24, 2022, 11.28 am
    Set my phone to the rideology app, works every time I turn the bike on, Bluetooth symbol appears on the dash after 1-2 seconds. Not really played with as yet, but connects just fine.