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Re: Haggling Z900 price
Reply #10 on: May 14, 2021, 09:05:10 PM
Personal buying scenarios are different for each person. I had no qualms purchasing a used bike.
There was a couple of new ones on the showroom - 2020 Blue, 0 miles, priced at $9,299. A 2020 Gray/Black, 0 miles, priced at $8,999. And a used one - 2018 Red, 5k miles, priced at $6200.
Red was my preferred color, and I wasn't all that interested in the new rider modes offered in 2020.

The previous owner did some things (good and bad) to the bike, but I was willing to deal with it... and so was the dealer.

- Very nice Corbin seat

- Fender eliminator tail tidy with integrated turn signals. Didn't like them so I installed a different tail tidy cost $35. Dealer included new OEM turn signals no charge.

- Front turn signals aftermarket, expensive and look great.

- Bar end mirrors aftermarket. Didn't like them and dealer agreed to include new OEM mirrors no charge.

- Chain had not been maintained, was rusty on outer links (I inspected sprockets and all was good). Dealer agreed to install new chain no charge.

- Pipe headers were blued up pretty bad. With some Autosol polish work on my part, they look like new headers.

- Front tire was done, rear tire not so good. Dealer installed new tires, better than original OEM tires and at no charge.

A new 2020 at $9,000 or $9,300... or a used 2018 with 5k miles at $6200. Persimmon Red, Corbin seat, new tires... a very nice bike and a smiley savings of around $3,000 compared to new.

Warranty? No. But when Japanese bikes can go 10k miles with no major problems... they will go strong for another 20k or more. I'm at 8k now and no problems whatsoever.

Next summer, I might look for a nice used Ninja 1000 SX to my liking.  :305:

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Re: Haggling Z900 price
Reply #11 on: May 14, 2021, 10:12:00 PM
I hear ya rooster! Got my 2017 used in 2018 with 400 miles and had lots of oem upgrades already for $7200 OTD with a 2 yr extended warranty and free 1st service. Bike is still like new at 7250 miles! I will get a used anything as long as its like new and a lot cheaper than new!!✌🏻