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Re: Oil filter cup size
Reply #20 on: July 02, 2021, 05:06:10 PM
*Originally Posted by micheal49 [+]
Yep, there are those who have one approach to life... hit it with a bigger hammer.

After ignoring all the ish in this message board I found a nice video by Missenden Flyer that shows how to modify the ring/cup thing to a good extraction tube. If some people on this message board had a bit of sense and decency, they could have just pointed me to it. But there are idiots in this world who like to run around with their chests puffed out bellowing how much better thy are than the rest of us.

Sucks to be them I guess.


To be fair to Ras, hammering a screwdriver through a stuck oil filter to unscrew it is a last resort method and one that I was taught by a car mechanic back in the 70's.

Sometimes a hammer can come in handy 😁
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