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Metzler Z8 Interact
on: June 10, 2021, 11:19:20 AM
So after talking to several tyreshops M5 was in special order and M7 out of stock. There was an abundance of Z8 so the choice was not so difficult.

After the tyre swap my initial reaction was just like last time on another bike ( Pirelli Scorpion trail 2 > Z8 )  .  Roadsport 2 and previously Scorpion 2 seams to have a very stiff tyre structure (Carcass).
Riding away i felt like my suspension had been "tampered with".  It was a big difference so i got worried something was done wrong.

It literally felt like riding along in a Citron with "air" suspension aka "magic carpet" ride. I couldn't feel the road anymore, felt more like i was floating on a gelpad :D

I turned back to the shop and just verify all nuts and bults was tighten up correctly. He showed me the torque specs and he never touched any suspension setting and tyre pressure.
Roadsport 2 was set to  (2,25bar/32psi front)  (2.5bar/36psi back)  and mechanic has used same pressures. I found 32/36 is very good feel.  Recommended 36/42(cold)  is just overly stiff and seams to be maximum allowed load setting.

So after that flashback i had with my scorpion tyres, Metzler sure have a softer carcass and rubber compound compared to competitors. And leaned over its feels even more gripper and almost mushy in a long sweeping corner.  Great secure feeling to Z900 that is already super stable at those sweepers.  The mushy feeling is compared to the Roadsport 2 OEM that you could feel every inch of the road with suspension set a bit stiffer.

This is why i didn't feel a big change or "upgrade" swapping from Z8 interact to  Roadtec-01 on my Honda before i guess. There was a big gap from Roadtec01 to Angel GT 2. More stiff feeling and less grippy.

I will continue changing the tyre pressure and see if i can find a sweet spot for daily commuting on Z900. But i think im right on it.  I got the pressure from Honda Bolzano 2018 and those Italians are very picky motorcyclists.

For sure i will need to dial up the suspension a bit to reduce the mushy feel in long sweeping corners.   

Just a disclaimer, Honda VFR800X has a    wet weight of 242.0 kg (533.5 pounds) and Z900 212.0kg (468 pounds).   That's 43 kg (95 pounds)  more included 2 panniers, topbox and crashbar.
So 255kg (562 pounds ) was the "real" weight of that bike. without filled luggage.

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