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Replying to posts in the 'Marketplace' boards
on: August 16, 2021, 09:56:00 AM

We seem to be get quite a few replies to topics in the Marketplace boards where the poster has no interest in the item being offered.

As reminder, members should only reply to posts in the "For Sale/Wanted" sections if they have a genuine interest in the item(s) and wish to obtain more information. Do not reply to posts with erroneous remarks, advice, jokes, or general chat, unless you are interested in purchasing the item being offered.

From the Marketplace Rules:

If you have no need or interest for the items or don't like the price, items, payment method, or other terms, ignore the thread.
Do not post negative remarks about the sale or seller based on their offer, or suggest to others that they buy other products, or buy at other websites. It's entirely up to the seller what they offer for sale and at what price. No one is under an obligation to buy.
Do not post unsolicited price advice or comparisons of the offer with those from other sources.
Do not try to derail somebody else's sale by posting in the thread. Let potential buyers make their own decisions.

Getting tough... (lol)

Members who do this are pretty disrespectful to the sellers as they are effectively screwing up their sale, that's out of order.

So....   members who continue to post erroneous replies will have their access to the Marketplace removed.