Author Topic: First chain tension and wheel alignment concerns  (Read 3762 times)

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    Re: First chain tension and wheel alignment concerns
    Reply #20 on: Nov 29, 2021, 12.47 pm
    Nov 29, 2021, 12.47 pm
    *Originally Posted by RobZ900 [+]
    True and that’s the method I currently use, but it still leaves a little room for error. Did you turn each adjuster exactly the same amount? Did they stay put while you were torquing the axle? With the lightech adjusters, each click is a set amount and stays put once adjusted, so removes the (very small) possibility of operator error that comes with the standard adjusters. Plus they look cool af :018:

    Bolt have 6 flats on head. One full turn makes 1mm difference (thread pitch is 1mm, just checked on google for M6 bolt, thought it is 1.25mm, but its 1mm), so one flap means 0.17mm difference. Ive painted one flap not to lose counting. Never had problem and i do have that flats straight up and down on both sides so alignment is always the same, very precise method for that kind of work (i did wheels alignment and its perfect, as is the chain alignment).

    Torquing axle.... They stay put, i insert screwdriver between sprocket and chain to put pressure on the chain and alignment blocks are hard against tensioner bolts when torquing  axle. Only for the last few degrees of torquing i use torqe wrench without screwdriver between sprocket and chain, but to that point, axle is firm and is not changing position.
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    Re: First chain tension and wheel alignment concerns
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    Nov 29, 2021, 01.28 pm
    I do similar but with a folded up microfibre rather than a screwdriver. Just gives that bit of tension while you nip the bolt up.
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    Re: First chain tension and wheel alignment concerns
    Reply #22 on: Jan 14, 2022, 11.54 am
    Jan 14, 2022, 11.54 am
    My laser block thing arrived. £per minute of use (so far) puts it on target to become a millionaire by Easter if I pay up.

    Anyway, no great surprise, the swingarm marks are out by about ⅓ of a grading, pointing the rear off to the right if I went by those. No wonder I always felt like I was sliding like a GP rider in to left handers (not really of course).