Author Yet another "best tire for... " Survey 😂  (Read 5784 times)

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    Re: Yet another "best tire for... " Survey 😂
    Reply #10 on: Nov 03, 2022, 05.19 pm
    Nov 03, 2022, 05.19 pm
    *Originally Posted by kevperro [+]
    I'm shallow.. I choose tires based upon looks.   Same with oil.... if the bottle looks good that is my brand of slippery.
    Well, come to think about it, that doesnít sound all that crazy to me.
    I had to pick up oil for my lawn mower which requires 10-30. While in the store I noticed a beautiful red bottle so I bought it for that reason. I cleaned it out and display it on a shelf in my cellar. Not a single person has ever commented on it however.
    Some people just donít get it. 🍻