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    weird suspension settings 2018 Z900
    on: Dec 24, 2022, 07.28 am
    Dec 24, 2022, 07.28 am
    My mate has a 2018 Z900  he is same size as me  about 1m73  and 75kg in full kit but he runs his bike with Zero preload on the back  and 1 turn rebound and only 10 turns preload on front  and 12 clicks  rebound with forks dropped 5mm in Yokes

    My 2021 has 5 turns preload on rear and 1 turn rebound  my  front is 9 turns preload  and  8 clicks rebound and also frorks dropped 5mm in yokes ,  my bike is nice on the highway  on original tyres  which dont have much grip or feedback .

    He uses his mostly as a track bike  and he is very fast  but I cant understand his suspension set up ??? the only upgrades he has is SC projcet full exhaust , Metzlers supersport sticky tyres  and a re programmed ECU with146hp at back wheel  no suspension upgrades at all ??????   

    weird or what he is beating most ofther people on track days  on MT10s R1, Ducatis , Fireblades ????

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    Re: weird suspension settings 2018 Z900
    Reply #1 on: Jan 01, 2023, 03.18 pm
    Jan 01, 2023, 03.18 pm
    You said he's a good rider, that can make the difference. I remember  an article years ago about Kenny Robert's riding his Harley on the twisties. It was modified but the main thing is HE'S  fast on any bike,just even faster on the right bike. From watching roadracing for 40 years I've learned every rider has his own set-up that works for his style of riding.

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    Re: weird suspension settings 2018 Z900
    Reply #2 on: Mar 18, 2023, 01.19 pm
    Mar 18, 2023, 01.19 pm
    As a humans, we can adapt to most anything.  That is  adapt.  That doesn't mean correct. How often do you see riders say, "The throttle response was abrupt when I bought the bike, but it doesn't bother me anymore."

    Excellent riders who knows their machines can adapt to most any flaw or bad setting.

    As fast as this guy is, he would be even more fast or more safe if he had suspension that was set up correctly.
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