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    300 km Sunday ride
    on: Mar 19, 2023, 10.37 am
    Mar 19, 2023, 10.37 am
    Did a ride today, I hadn't ridden for a couple weeks so I was keen to ride especially after working 6 days straight. I arraigned to meet David and Karen at Coots Crossing 8.30AM Leaving Coffs Harbour I could see fog ahead but it wasn't bad until after Glenreagh. It was quite thick all the way to Coots Crossing where we waited until the fog lifted. I sent the drone up through the fog it topped out at approx 100M above the ground (300 feet).

    After about an hour we set off this is a (signposted) 25 km/h corner on the Armidale Rd

    Arrived at Ebor where we had some breakfast / morning tea then headed for Dorrigo. David and Karen headed back home while I went to Dangar Falls to shoot some drone video before heading back down the Waterfall Way where I shot some more footage at Newell Falls.

    Before heading home. If I ever learn how to edit the drone footage I'll post that up as well.

    Oh yeah I grounded out in a dip on one of the tight corners assumed I grounded out the footpeg feeler, when I got home I had a look. Oops.

    Yes that is the gearshift tip

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