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    Suspension Tuning in USA
    on: May 01, 2023, 08.54 pm
    May 01, 2023, 08.54 pm
    Does anyone know of any reputable suspension tuners in the states? Likely looking at only revalving front/rear but canít really seem to find many for the Z. Jamie Daugherty has been highly spoken of amongst many forums, and Iíve even seen him talking here, but the website doesn't have z900 as an option. Anyone have any insight? I canít be the first to want it

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    Re: Suspension Tuning in USA
    Reply #1 on: May 04, 2023, 09.38 pm
    May 04, 2023, 09.38 pm
    James did my Z900 and I'm completely happy with it.    Just shoot him an email and he will get back to you.   


    2016 Z900 - My weight 180lb in riding gear and I only ride on the street.

    Stock front springs were already correct for my weight.   James re-valved them, and replaced my lower fork sections which were bent (I bought the bike damaged).

    Rear Shock:   He went up a spring rate in the rear, and re-valved them.

    Riding impressions:

    I really cannot find anything I don't like about it.   All suspension choices are a trade-off and I'm sure if I were on the track I'd find a fault.   For road use, I just wanted something that was reasonable for all riding conditions and I didn't want an overly harsh set-up, which would be inappropriate for most of my street use.     James does all the work and puts them on a shock dyno to confirm the function so he set the rebound/compression settings for you.    The pre-load on mine was already adjusted too.     All I had to do was install them and go ride.   

    The front is compliant, without being too soft.  It doesn't wallow on hills or dips.   If I hit imperfections at speed, it just soaks them up without any drama.   If I brake or accelerate hard, the bike shifts or squats, but if I've bottomed it, I've not noticed.   In corners at speed if I hit imperfections in the road the bike is composed, without scaring the crap out of me.    It just does what it is supposed to do.    Where I live we have plenty of corners on hills on country 2-lane roads and they are an absolute blast on the Z900 with this suspension. 

    At slow parking lot speeds the suspension is taught.   It isn't such that it jars you or makes you regret the setup but it does take getting the bike up to speed to appreciate the suspension set-up. 

    The brakes on the other hand I'm trying to work out some issues.   The suspension for me is now a finished product.