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    Z900SE / ZR900M sag settings
    on: Dec 27, 2023, 06.39 pm
    Dec 27, 2023, 06.39 pm
    Hi all,

    Recently bought a 23ī Z900 SE as mentioned in my new member post and just wanted to share this feedback on the initial suspension sag setup for me now.
    Will try to add info and feedback to this post after testing and riding and iīm also looking forward to other īSE model ridersī feedback, since i canīt find alot on forums etc for the SE edition bike

    So far, i just did set up sag. Need to go out and ride and try some (other) rebound and compression settings.
    But checking and trying to setup sag after the first rides was the first main thing to do, knowing this from other bikes.
    The first rides didnīt feel bad, but due to cold/wet roads i couldnt test the stock settings in the twistied lets say.

    So, for now i can only give feedback on the sag numbers for a guy my size weighing 110kg with full gear on.
    I left the rebound and compression setting to the stock settings for now.

    After measuring sag in a first round, things became clear very fast the bike needed hard/full preload setting for my size.
    And u did go to the hardest setting front and rear and went to 38mm sag up front and 45mm in the back.
    Sag number up front is looking quite ok actually, the max preload in the back isnīt sufficient it seems.
    I will do some testing with these settings to begin with, maybe increasing front sag to 40-42mm to see how the bike behaves but iīm not expecting alot of difference between the two settings actually and also keeping in mind the oil is cold/thick (ą15°C when i worked on it now) and sag will probably increase when the oil is a little more on temperature. So i guess max preload setting both front and rear is the way to go.
    But playing with preload settings will be the first thing i will check before messing around with the rebound and compression settings which iīve left stock for now.
    First test with pushing in the suspension and looking how it comes up again is looking quite OK but when going out of the roads, the wear of the tyres and feel of the bike will tell me a bit more on the rebound settings. After these are finetuned, i will play around with the fork compression a bit but this will be the last thing i will change/check.

    So this being said, iīm really looking forward on other peoples settings on this bike (SE model).

    Grtz, Jean_Rocket

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