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    Re: The RS Model - Who has seen it, who wants one?
    Reply #30 on: Dec 10, 2017, 08.42 pm
    Dec 10, 2017, 08.42 pm
    *Originally Posted by Jim [+]
    I'd rather have a real Z1 900 then the RS.

    for me only own an original for the collector factor would not want to ride regularly as they were a pig and did not handle that well.  Honda 750 back in the day would out handle it.  even the kz650 I had would.  I like the retro look but would rather have updated handling and tech

     I saw one yesterday in person.  they are more upright and handlebars seem higher too. seat is way more comfy but that does not take much to be better than the stock z900 lol.  I did however find that my legs were spread a bit wider at tank on the RS verse the standard Z.   Legs are tucked in better on the standard Z over the RS..  the paint on the RS was sweet!