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New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by Zed62 on Today at 04:29 pm »
Congrats on the SE, and welcome to the forum.
New Member Introductions / Re: New to the Z900 Club!
« Last post by Zed62 on Today at 04:26 pm »
Welcome to the forum,  and the Z900.   You will love this bike.  Lots of helpful people here .
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Trackers
« Last post by Kottr on Today at 12:20 pm »
I have no issues with my MoniMoto 7 here in the UK. Even moving the bike from the garage down to the end of the drive is enough to alarm if the keyfob is at the back of the house.
The latest MoniMonto (MM7) uses 4G LTE. At the moment there seems to be no fixed date in UK/EU for LTE 4G being phased out.
It's just a shame my insurance company doesn't have the MoniMoto listed, but they have added it does have a tracker to the policy.
New Member Introductions / New to the Z900 Club!
« Last post by BonsaiChai on Today at 05:53 am »
Just got a Ď21 in Black. Super stoked for this bike. TFT, Rider Aids, power modes, ABS, 950CC, canít believe Iíve been blessed with something like this. Iím probably going to need a windscreen as Iíll be commuting around ~160 miles on the interstate twice a week, definitely need to clean up the tail, other than that I think itís got all I need!
Update: I am loving the taller gearing.  The Z900 engine is so tractable and the fuel economy is great as we are now at over $2.00/liter for ethanol free 94 octane in BC this summer.
Time Out / Re: Iím Speechless For Once
« Last post by Zed62 on Today at 05:01 am »
LOL.  Nice post.  I recall a Readers Digest ad for sugar.  "Maybe natures'perfect food'
Power of advertising huh?
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Seat height adjustmentÖÖ.
« Last post by Zed62 on Today at 04:49 am »
Yes, custom 3D printed part wrapped in vinyl.   Thanks for your compliments.

Que por cierto se vende los adaptadores de pinzas para poner frenada radial en la.z900
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Trackers
« Last post by KellyL on Today at 01:56 am »
I have both Tile and Apple Airtags. For me, Tile is OK for finding the keys at home but useless beyond close proximity. My wallet Tile once fell out at a central train station and the app couldn't find it. It popped up once about 2 months later and then disappeared after a few minutes. Airtag seems to track in the wild a bit better.

Ya va cogiendo forma. La horquilla de la RS es mŠs larga que la de la Z900 naked y solo te valen las punteras.
Adjunto fotos de las botellas de la Z900 Aniversario y las punteras radiales puestas.
Si quieren sigo subiendo fotos del proceso o si lo prefieren puedo borrar el post.

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