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*Originally Posted by zed9 [+]
Im just curious where you got that small woman that actually fits on the back? 👍

The prize out of a Lucky Charms cereal box  :008: :028:
So speaking of tires I've tryied various...

Dunlop Sportmax OEM -> lasted 9.000km ad they were the worst tire I've ever tried.
Michelin Road 5 -> lasted 13.000km ad they were the best tire I've ever had on any bike as my personal preference.
Bridgestone T32 -> lasted 9.500km and they were not far from Michelin in terms of performance but lasted a lot less.
Mitas Touring Force -> I have them on now and I did more or less 12.000km. They are almost finished now. Not the best tire in terms of performance but neither the worst and for that price I would recommend them onestly.

Next I will buy Michelin again as i liked them the most.

Little bonus I used Pirelly Supercorsa SP2 for a trackday, but that's andother context and use... I'm not a fan of Pirelly's tires, not for quality reather than for theyre behaviour, but worked flawlesly on track.

Chain and sprocket I have a DID 520 XV2 with stock gearing, the stock chain lasted quite shortly, I think I had to change it at 20.000km or something. No difference between the stock and DID out of the km it is lasting.
On Two Wheels / Re: Z900RS new to me
« Last post by Led Zed 70 on Today at 02:31 pm »
Dang thats like me, buy a bike to go with my stickers🤣 awesome!! Congrats would love to have both Zs!
Check out my channel

i have sc project s1 full system installed on my bike with DNA Air Filter and Rapid EVO Fuel Module.

the bike build is inspired from BAM AUSTIN's bike from the forum
you do big miles what tyres  and how about replacement Chain sprockets
I like your mods and ideas , only had my Z900 for a week already 1000kms   
I will  get my seat and passanger pad  gel  modified like you,  although my wife  and daughter have their own bikes  Honda Rebel 500  and Kawasaki Ninja 650  so i rarely take passangers 

im already looking at some other upgrades ,  and next tyre set , probably Pirelli Rosso Corse  or Angels  as they are easy to get in Thailand ,, sometimes Michelin or Metzler  can be found ,, can get Dunlops but  im not keen on them

adding a USB charger port and phone holder , and levers  , i have an SC project Can  but fitting that means avoiding major cities as the cops here  hate them  and see it as easy Tea Money for their mistresses .i like the standard sound anyway ...dont need more performance    may add Braided brake lines and EBC pads later .  tail has been chopped but that allows muck and sand spray all over the back of me and the bike in wet weather .

need some new throw over panniers for touring too  my old ones are  worn out
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: 2021 LED headlights main beam not great
« Last post by JerryZ on Today at 09:52 am »
 :087:Hmm I have ridden a Ducati monster S4 all over SEA Thailand , Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia ,even bits of Burma and monster 750 all over Europe ,, as well as Hard tail chops in my younger days ,, I would not call the Z900 a city bike ,, although compared to the Ducatis it is more easy to doddle about in towns on ,,,i will tour on it   may have to fit some  auxilary distance lights .. or get better night vision  glasses ????

the Dip beam is very good  coverage ,, which is in use 50% of the  time , due to on coming traffic

It's a city bike, not designed for fast riding out of the city at night. You are going to have to add accessory lights.

Z900 - Main Chat board / 2021 LED headlights main beam not great
« Last post by JerryZ on Today at 12:56 am »
Been riding my Z900 2021  at night ,, LED Dip beam  is Fine   but LED main beam  whilst it has long range 300m at least lacks spread and definition   ,it not as powerful as the old technology 7'' round headlight using a suzuki Bandit upgrade crystal lens on any of my older Ducati monsters   with Phillips extreme 60/50w bulbs ,  so the Z900  main beam  does not  give a wide spread of light or great infill of light ,, I cant think of any way of improving on the standard LED  setup  for the main beam ???    any ideas please.
Wonderful commentary and report on mods.  :152: I'm probably the weirdest person here but after 10 thousand plus miles and four summers, the only mods I made were the aftermarket OEM Kawasaki seat and repositioning the horn up under the instrument fairing. It seems that KHI got it so close to just right that mods are just for fun rather than giant leaps in improvement. As for the girl on the back, my wife tried mine and we bought a very nice two up cruiser style bike.  :046:
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