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New Member Introductions / Re: Coolant adding
« Last post by Cazzy_R on Yesterday at 10:37 am »
 You do need to maintain a level in the resevoir tank too. There is a yellow dot on the tank denoting the cold level.

Maintenance and Servicing / Re: side stand wobble / free play
« Last post by 3alfa3 on Yesterday at 09:40 am »
Maintenance and Servicing / side stand wobble / free play
« Last post by Erwin on Yesterday at 09:26 am »

Yesterday, I noticed that the side stand on my 2018 Z appears to be loose. The main bolt is tight. I don't know if it's normal for it to be like this, nor can I remember if it has been like this the whole time.

Could anyone check theirs and see if it's doing the same, please?

Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Service light at 1000 km
« Last post by misterx on Yesterday at 09:11 am »
Hello everyone, I finally managed to find a good person who reset the service light for free. Here they charge no less than 250 for the first service, they're crazy.
New Member Introductions / Re: Coolant adding
« Last post by echo948 on Sep 26, 2023, 10.16 pm »
Radiator.  Tank under the seat should be the overflow.
New Member Introductions / Coolant adding
« Last post by JDS1976 on Sep 26, 2023, 08.34 pm »
I have a 2023 z900f. Does coolant go in tank under seat or in the radiator?
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Give me advice for passengers
« Last post by porkchop on Sep 26, 2023, 02.52 pm »
*Originally Posted by Mule [+]

 I have been riding the bike, so much that I do not enjoy it any more. Yes it is more fun that taking the car, but when I ride it to work five days and week, and then my weekend ride is with a passenger on the back, by the time I get to do some fun riding it is either a chore or I do not want to go. Basically I do not want to compromise rides. Either I can spend more quality time with my girl driving somewhere in the car or I can spend more quality time riding alone. It is like taking your girlfriend to the guys night out. No one has a good time.

Get a 2nd bike....
My Wife was a pillon on my bikes for 13 years, one day just decided she wanted to try her own.
Got her a 250 Ninja and rode the crap outta that for 3 years then moved up to a new '08 650 Ninja and still riding it (44,000 miles to date) + rocks the Z as well when I take out my ZRX.
Been great 18 years of going out solo for a few hours, having her in tow or a group ride- she's faster in the curves than 1/2 the guys  :001: :028:
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Clutch vibration on take off solved
« Last post by Aussiedrew on Sep 26, 2023, 12.50 pm »
As the cover came off. Very small amount of oil residue within the basket.

Plate is devoid of almost any oil. Feels dry to the touch.

Shows holes already drilled in the basket (unless someone's actually been in here before me).

New friction plates, unsoaked. I installed them in the opposite direction to as shown.
Maintenance and Servicing / Clutch vibration on take off solved
« Last post by Aussiedrew on Sep 26, 2023, 12.37 pm »
Have had the Z900 two months now. 2017 with 25k on the clock. Absolutely love the thing, though it developed a harsh vibration from the clutch when taking off in first. Always happens on take off when cold, and tended to fade once hot but has been getting worse. Cable adjusted correctly. Fresh oil. No clutch slipping. Just a vibration/grinding feel as the bike initially pulls away from a stop at anything other than a snails pace. Quite unpleasant!

Seems this was an issue with the old Z1000's and a lack of oil supply to the plates. The solution was to drill the clutch basket to let more oil in but was apparently resolved once the bike was upgraded to a slipper. In saying that, I'm not the first to report the same issue on the 2017 Z900 or even some early Z900RS's. The 2018 friction plates were updated so it seems noone with 2018+ models reports the issue.

Anyway, bought some Whites friction plates and hoped for the best. Once they arrived, tilted the bike over (wheels on small blocks, resting on side stand) and carefully popped the clutch cover without busting the gasket (yes this part was a gamble). And pulled out some pretty damn dry clutch plates. As is, no oil residue on them at all. The plate closest the engine had just a little on the fingers at the bottom but that was it, after last riding the bike 12 hours earlier.

Other than that, no visible wear at all. Steels and frictions plates looked completely fine and measured at the upper end of the service limit for the stack width. The 1st and last friction plate differ from the other 7, where the 2018 model has 9 of the same (as the 7).

Anyway, I'm not sure how they "solved" the issue in 2018 by switching those two plates as it really seems like oil supply is the issue. Though the basket is actually already drilled so though I was planning to drill it as well as replace the plates, I skipped that part. The new Whites plates have angled cuts in the material rather than square blocks. A bit of research told me some people recommending one direction so it throws the oil outwards, and some the other direction so it throws the oil inwards. I chose inwards to try and keep as much of the oil within the basket as possible. Who knows though, could well make no difference at all in reality.

Anyway, soaked the plates a couple of hours. Reinstalled the clutch pack. Whacked on the clutch cover and went for a spin. Problem solved, a perfectly smooth clutch. Maybe I could have gotten away with just re-oiling the stock plates. Maybe not. What's going to stop these plates drying out again over time? Who knows. Was a pretty cheap and quick fix though and now I can get on with enjoying this really awesome bike. One of the best I've had in many years.
When I was looking for my Z900 a month ago I thought I wanted the kawi green, but after seeing it in person the green is not the bright vibrant kawi green I know and love, it's like a muted candy green.

Then I found this beauty someone traded in at an Indian dealership. 2021 with 12k miles. They wanted it gone so I got them down from 7k plus tax and license to 5k out the door with an updated registration. I have come to really love this color.

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