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New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Houston
« Last post by jbolin on Yesterday at 06:40 pm »
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Houston
« Last post by jbolin on Yesterday at 06:12 pm »
Take a look at that first picture of the LED kit in the amazon link I sent. You will see a black relay box in the lower right of the picture. On one side is 3 wires (positive, negative, and brake relay). The other side has 8 cables that connect to the LEDs. The remote next to that controls this relay box. You press the on/off button on the remote and the relay box sends power to the LEDs. I can turn my LEDs on whether or not the bike is running as long as the battery has power available to send. I can also change colors using the remote or flash them. This is fun when your sitting in a parking lot talking to a friend and a car pulls nearby with kids in the back... always makes em light up with a smile :) If you turn it off, the relay box stops sending power from the battery to the LEDs. Of course, if your done riding for the night and you forget to turn off your LEDs it will continue to drain your battery. I have done this and my bike still started in the morning which is a testament to how little amps LED strips pull but eventually it would drain the battery and you would need a trickle charger to get going again. Not unlike leaving your headlamp on in your car by accident. You connect the positive/negative of the relay box directly to the battery. For $30 bucks, you can avoid cutting any factory cables and I honestly recommend you do this. If/when you ever decide to sell your bike, you may want to remove this. I could remove my entire LED kit in less than 30min and it would be a factory bike without any spliced factory cables or damage to the bike.

If you do not have a relay box like this, then yes you would need to splice in to an existing light on your bike that runs all the time like the license plate light. I suppose the benefit of this is you would not have to mess with a remote each time you run the bike. I like having the ability to ride my bike during the day without the LEDs on and then if I am going through a super dark area at night I turn them on at a stop light or pull over to turn them on. I like the control.

I do not have any fog lights, light bars, or any other additional lights other than the added LED kit.

The manual to your year model motorcycle is available on Kawasaki's website for free. Just google to find it. I recommend reading through it entirely to learn your motorcycle. It will provide the info on how many gallons your tank can handle. My 2020 z900 is 4.5 gallons and I only put 93 octane in it. Depending on how hard I'm riding, I get 40 to 50 miles to the gallon average. So yes, 4 x 40 is about 160 miles. That leaves you a half a gallon or 20 miles to find a gas station but I personally would not wait that late. Just find a gas station when you have 1 or 2 bars left like you do in any other vehicle.
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Houston
« Last post by sapt on Yesterday at 04:47 pm »
Thank you so much for your details on what you did, I guess since I only want the red strips I could just hook them up to one of the running light like the Licence plate one, well at least that is what I belie will be my main source of electricity.

Do you have any fog lights or a fog light bar? to have them running all the time, because we need to be seen all the time, day and night.

another thing, I just filled up my tank for the first time with 50 miles range in it, took only 2.8 galons and the new range came up to 160 miles. is this inside the average for the bike? and how much is the actual reserve gas?

Suspension Set-up and Mods / Pre-purchase suspension question
« Last post by Gregor111 on Yesterday at 04:41 pm »
I am a 200 pound rider and really just want to use this bike to cruise out to the lake on a warm day or over a mountain pass in the same sort of vein.  I won't push the bike hard, just enjoy the unique character and performance of the bike.

There is no bike within 100 miles of me so a test ride isn't real feasible.  I know I can replace the shock if needed but would like a little input here if the shock will work well enough for a 200 pound rider for just riding around for fun or if a new shock is really needed.  I know that is totally subjective but figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Riding Gear, Clothing, and Apparel / Re: Show me your helmet!
« Last post by Dutch-Z900 on Yesterday at 12:46 pm »
My daily go to work and wet weather and cheap helmet is the HJC CS-15 Matt black / black visor

But my weekend and road trip helmet is the Scorpion EXO 1400 Air Carbon / black visor

HJC CS-15 Matt black / black visor

Scorpion EXO 1400 Air Carbon / black visor

New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Houston
« Last post by jbolin on Yesterday at 06:06 am »
Thanks Sapt.

The kit I purchased was on Amazon and is no longer there but this kit I linked here is basically the same thing. Mine was a 2 wire so you connect it to the positive and negative on the battery under the rider seat. It comes with a 1 sheet installation guide. I wish I had purchased the 3 wire type like this one I linked in case I wanted to connect it to the break wire which would light up all the LED strips when you hit your breaks. You don't have to connect the 3rd wire to the break wire if you don't want though.

The LED strips came with 3m sticky tape on them and I tried to use what it came with but it was falling off on a few of the strips. A few worked fine, but I had to pull the 3m off and reapply new 3m on a few of the LED strips. I think the kit I got had sat in a warehouse to long. So you can try what it comes with but if it doesn't work out you can order extra and replace:

Its pretty simple to install. The key is to make sure the surface is as CLEAN as you can get it before applying the LEDs. I washed the bike then used rubbing alcohol in the areas where I put the strips, then wiped the area to dry it then applied the led strips. Just locate where you want the LED strips and just stick them on. Run all your cables back under the rider seat. Install the provided main power box with the double side sticky that's provided under your rider seat and connect all your cables to the main power box. You can't get this wrong as the cables only fit one way and all the connectors are the same. Use UV resistant black zip ties to make sure the cables are snug/firm against the trellis and do not sag anywhere and to also make sure they wont get caught in anything mechanical like the shock spring as that would destroy the cabling.

Check out the pics on Amazon from the link. You can swap to any color available in the kit using the remote. Its sort of fun cause you can do Red for heart health day or Pink for breast cancer day, etc :) Real men wear pink :) I ride green 95% of the time. Check your local laws as well. Where I live, I should not use the blue or red as it is risking some trouble because it matches emergency responder colors here. Like a police car uses red/blue/white flashing lights to pull someone over so if I mimic those colors while riding it could be a ticket.

New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Houston
« Last post by sapt on Yesterday at 04:24 am »
Good day,
I would like to know how you installed that LED light on the bike, Mine is red and I want it to look like yours, but red.

Very nice!!
New Member Introductions / Re: New to me! 2018 Z900
« Last post by sapt on Yesterday at 04:17 am »
Hellos from North Texas

I also have a Z900 2018. for the ABS, do not worry about it, I did my course to get the licence (last week)  and on the breaking test, the ABS activated and the bike stops very smoothly, I was impressed.

Would like to hear you experience with he beautiful bike!!

New Member Introductions / New Member from Texas
« Last post by sapt on Yesterday at 04:09 am »
I am new from North Texas, I am all in on trying to do as much to the motorcycle myself as possible.
Just changed the headlight for LED HD lights and also changed the turning signals bulbs also for amber LED ones.

Looking forward to putting some LED tops instead of the license plate bolts and in the near future probably a pair of fog lights or a LED bar in the front. so any suggestions or considerations are welcome I am all on doing as much as I can myself, like oils chain adjustment and other things, SO I will ask for guldens

Looking forward to finding some other riders from Texas to share experiences and I have been reading the different post and I really like the shared experience and advice given to others.
New Member Introductions / Re: New member from Italy
« Last post by rix on Jul 01, 2022, 09.27 pm »
*Originally Posted by MaverickAus [+]
G'day from Australia, which Versys did you have? I bought a new 650 in 2012, a 2016 Versys 1000 in 2020 which after breaking my hip in late 2020 ended up being too tall and heavy for me so sold it and bought a new 2021 Z900.

I had a Versys X 300 in 2019, then passed to the 650 cc in 2020 (the Grand tourer version) and rode it for 24000 km up to last week. I found both bikes comfortable and economical, but I wanted to try something more enjoyable.
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