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Well done!
Thanks @RogueRog !
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: FULL SYSTEM EXHAUST INSTALL
« Last post by Cazzy_R on Today at 09:43 am »
 Blocking off the AIS will reduce the backfires.
 It's well known that the 2017-19 models run acceptably well without a tune as they were set up rich from the factory in WOT/ upper rev ranges.
  Not sure about the Euro 5 spec bikes. I expect they are even leaner in the part throttle and type approval testing regions of the rev range? Chances are that Kawasaki will have done the same as they did previously where the engine is under load.
 I would expect any problems you may encounter will be at low revs part throttle rather than up top on full throttle which is where any damage would occur.
 Manufacturers know some owners will goof around with exhausts and such like so do what they can within the limitations of emissions regs to protect their engines.

« Last post by Farley on Today at 07:15 am »
Hello guys. I just got my new full system exhaust installed on my 2023 Z900 with less than a thousand kilometer reading..

- I did no tuning/remapping.
- No air filter replacement whatsoever.

Question is, if I leave it like that (from stock to full system) with some backfires, will it not damage my engine or any parts of my bike?
New Member Introductions / NEW MEMBER HERE
« Last post by Farley on Today at 06:37 am »
Hello everyone! Thank you for accepting me. New z900 owner here :763:
Another vote for Vagabond, though there is a cheaper knock off version around thatís apparently quite good quality too.

As for integrated rear light, thereís a bundle that comes with the light and the number plate bracket here:

On Two Wheels / Re: Z900's future? (2023 EICMA reflections)
« Last post by KellyL on Yesterday at 10:58 pm »
*Originally Posted by Cazzy_R [+]
Kawasaki have blown most of their R&D budget on Electric/Hybrid for this year.
 I would like to have seen something like a supercharged 700 twin engined bike replace the Z900 but I cant see that now. In theory the H2 technology should have filtered down but judging by the discounts available on H2SX and ZH2 they can't be selling as well as hoped.
IMHO the supercharged bikes were always going to be a niche within a niche. They're mostly for cashed up old riders - but the bulk of these are on adventure bikes, cruisers, or retros instead. They're also very intimidating for less experienced younger riders, in more ways than one: insurance premiums, purchase price, and power output.

I bought the vagabond tail tidy for my Z, it was a little pricey imo but the quality is great and fitment is perfect  :015:

Cant comment on fitting a UK plate, but here is the link so you can check it out: https://www.vagabondmotorsports.com/en-fi/products/kawasaki-z900-2017-fender-eliminator
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Broke Throttle Cable
« Last post by pizza_pablo on Yesterday at 10:28 pm »
New cable finally arrived. Ordered 13 Feb.
Apparently is was backordered or something everywhere.
$42 from Revzilla.
Now to figure how to replace. This weekend is supposed to be rainy. Good time to do this and other things...
Hello all, can anyone recommend a tail tidy for a UK '20 plate z900?

I've been looking around and prices vary massively from roughly 40quid to 110 and I'm not sure what the difference is to warrant the variation.

Also, has anyone that's done it reused the existing indicators or have they been supplied with the tidy?

And lastly, has anyone seen any indicators incorporated into the brake light?
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