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Maintenance and Servicing / Re: 2022 Z900 Front Sprocket Replacement
« Last post by Zaniac948 on Yesterday at 10:04 pm »
General consensus sems to be an electric impact wrench works the best.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: 2022 Z900 Front Sprocket Replacement
« Last post by MaverickAus on Yesterday at 08:49 am »
Not me personally but I have seen many posts about this issue.
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Traction control doesnt work
« Last post by MaverickAus on Yesterday at 08:46 am »
Does the rear wheel spin? I believe you have to be moving before it works although not 100 percent sure.
Z900 - Main Chat board / Traction control doesnt work
« Last post by Macarra88 on Yesterday at 08:09 am »

I bought a 2021 z900 6 months ago, the bike had about 1500km when I bought it. I've noticed that the traction control never kicks in no matter what riding mode I have on.
Even inside the garage with the slippery floor it does not activate. Have any of you had a problem like this?
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by KawiCommuter on Yesterday at 03:53 am »
I've had 2 Suzuki DL650's--got 125K miles out of both.  I appreciate them as good bikes that are fantastic for commuting purposes.  But the Z900's mechanical engineering features on this bike are better.  Easier to remove gas tank, better design of frame, easier to remove air box, and easier to replace spark plugs. Obviously, entirely different type of bike with lots more HP and torque.  The inline 4 is smooth as butter.  Love the Z900.  Hope you find the Z900 as fun and well-designed as I do.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Why the hate for stock tires?
« Last post by KawiCommuter on Yesterday at 03:05 am »
*Originally Posted by DirtGearTV [+]
I’ve been hearing from youtube, forums, buddies, shops you name it all saying how absolutely terrible the stock tires are. I have zero complaints with mine, so I don’t understand why all the hate?

I was keeping up with much faster riders yesterday on much faster tires and I never had a single oh $@!% moment.

I almost want to not like them just based on the fact that so many have commented on how terrible they are, but I just have nothing bad to say...

I got 11K miles (not km!) out of the OEM Dunlop Roadsmart 2's.  Not bad.  And I don't ride gently on SF Bay freeways.  Grip was very good in turns at high lean angles, although I didn't ride in the rain.  Second set of tires is Dunlop Roadsmart 3's.  Have 4 K miles so far:  good grip and wear seems good so far.  34.5 psi front + 36 psi rear.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: 2022 Z900 Front Sprocket Replacement
« Last post by KawiCommuter on Yesterday at 02:33 am »
Sorry, I posted this to the wrong forum area.  Should be under maintenance...  :187: 
Maintenance and Servicing / 2022 Z900 Front Sprocket Replacement
« Last post by KawiCommuter on Yesterday at 02:06 am »
Received the OEM sprocket and chain kit from Kawasaki.  Have almost 15K miles on Z900.  No problems swapping chain and rear sprocket.  Attempted to remove front sprocket:  the nut (27 mm) was frozen!  Yes, I did bend the spline washer leaf back from nut.  Tried setting torque ratchet wrench to max 250 ft/lbs--no good.  Used 1.5 foot pipe on 24" 1/2" drive breaker bar.  Nope.  Tried heating nut with wife's hair dryer.  Nope.

Wondered if high strength thread lock used on shaft threads or if nut is left hand threaded.  No to either option.  Left front sprocket on for now.  Who ever torqued this nut used WAY too much force!  Noticed other entries on various forums complain of a number of Kawasaki models (like the Ninja 400) have similar problem.

Ordered new nut and checked threads:  right hand threaded.  Kawasaki lists nut as 20mm--the shaft is 20 mm threaded with 1.5 mm pitch.  Hex nut size is 27 mm.  Factory manual says 108 ft/lbs (147 nM) is correct fastening torque.  No thread lock called for.  Took bike to work and used a heat gun to heat nut.  Then used a 650 ft/lb pneumatic impact wrench to loosen nut.  Got it off easily and installed new nut and spline washer @ 108 ft/lbs torque.

Was wondering if any other Z900 owners had similar problem getting front sprocket off?
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Seat height adjustment…….
« Last post by Zed62 on Jun 03, 2023, 11.17 pm »
Vinyl is from Amazon - Blue Carbon Fiber.  My friend thought it was factory :002:
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