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New Member Introductions / Re: new member
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 04:14 am »
Congrats guys!!! Any mods planned?
New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 04:13 am »
You have your warm weather gear on?
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello everybody
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 04:12 am »
Congrats! Any plans for the bike?
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Oregon!
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 04:08 am »
Any mods planned?
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Power feed after battery
« Last post by JerryZ on Today at 04:06 am »
WOW!   what an improvement  , the road out to 50m ahead is now really well defined  and bright  and out t 100m visisbilty  and definintion  is up by 50%  ,,, left had beam is  sighted  straight ahead and right hand beam is sighted 5dg left so as not to blind drivers in other direction .

It shows how puny the Kawasaki LED main beam is as it matters not wether its on or not   the LED dip is OK but with the spots its wonderful now

I may be able to get even better results with a few tweaks  , parked the bike opposite a wall i about 70m back  the Main Beam left a pathetic patch 4m square   and useless  , but when spots were on the whole wall was nice and bright and defined

I can now ride in confidence at night ,
Z900 - Main Chat board / What superbike would you pick?
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 03:51 am »
     Iím bike shopping at the moment. I want to own a superbike for awhile, along with my Z. Iím keeping my Z. In this hypothetical Iím giving you a budget of $23,000 American. 18,000 pounds. In my case Iím sticking with close to that, also you will have $3000 left over for initial mods. I never owned a new bike, so in this game itís a new bike only, old model year is ok. Hopefully this is fun. Maybe yíall will give me an idea. Thanks!! Ok letís have it!
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: BMW question
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 03:42 am »
Think Iím going to do another post, just curious what bike people would pick.
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: BMW question
« Last post by Marcel on Today at 03:40 am »
Iíve been considering an rsv4. Iíve been riding a long time, and always said someday Iíd have a super bike. Itís not about the engine configuration. I love my Z, and if I could only have one it would be that.
    Itís more about the power, handling, corner carving. I want to be able to get on a ridiculous bike for a few hours. Park it and get on my naked bike. I have the chance to do it for a few years, so Iím taking it. It might end up being a zx10r. Iím staying open minded, and I have a budget. Iím 6í2Ē so thatís a factor.
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Selling my 2020 Z900
« Last post by zed9 on Yesterday at 05:47 pm »
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: BMW question
« Last post by Cazzy_R on Yesterday at 11:41 am »
Its your money but why have two in-line 4-cylinder bikes?  :027:
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