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Good to know. Yeah the Chrome Burner place had a 10% off code also and said they had stock. Iím gonna try the ready luxe in all black. I think from the earlier post my boys are gonna thank me! I made my oem seat soft but it still shoves the boys into tank so canít wait to try this seat. ✌🏻
I ordered my Bagster from motostorm.it, it's a 30 day wait for it to be made by Bagster. It should ship sometime towards end of December arrival sometime in the new year. They have a 10% discount on them at the moment https://www.motostorm.it/en/accessories/motorcycle-parts/bagster-ready-seat-kawasaki-z900-2020-green-kawa.html. They have 3 colours for the Z, Green, fluro green and black piping. Just type bagster Z900 into the search bar or enter your bike in the Search By Bike section.
Yep thatís the main one I seen. I sent wife all the info for my Xmas gift🤣 Gonna give them a shot. Thanks for info.
*Originally Posted by Led Zed 70 [+]
So where is a legit place to purchase the bagster seat? Iím not familiar with the places google search brought up (US) Thanks

They are not in the US, but Chrome Burner seems legit from my research.  I'm probably gonna buy a Bagster seat from them.  They only have a few color combos, but they are ready to ship.
Power Commander is waste of $$$ IMO.
Get an ECU flash and reap more benefits.

Good luck  :028:
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: 2017 non-ABS Z900 resell value
« Last post by mininsx on Yesterday at 08:53 pm »
NADA.com or Kelly Blue Book will give you prices on new and used motorcycles in addition to cars.
*Originally Posted by NineseveN [+]
Black steel. Never mounted them myself. I think a few people have tried them here and didn't have any issues. Clearance looked fine to me.
OK, Iíll take them. If you can PM me your info Iíll do the same.
In fact Iíll PM you my addy now.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Back to my favourite Metzeler Roadtec01 tires
« Last post by zed9 on Yesterday at 06:14 pm »
*Originally Posted by RobZ900 [+]
Theyíre also on my ďto tryĒ list lol.
Literally the best tires Iíve ever owned. I have the RA3 but now they make a RA4. I have not seen reviews on the 4 and I always buy the latest upgrade regardless of brand but I would stick with the 3 if I could get a better price.
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: 2017 non-ABS Z900 resell value
« Last post by Snowman on Yesterday at 05:54 pm »
Thanks for the reply, that gives me a somewhat of a baseline. I've been keeping an eye out for comparable bikes for a while and I never see much in my area to compare my bike too, so its tough to get a read. Its cold as hell here right now(Fargo), so I'm wait till the spring, the used market has been almost zero up here the last couple years. I've seen a few smaller Z bikes for sell around here for around $4500, I wasn't sure how much more I could get for mine. I've had my Z900 on ATV trails to get to campsites, the Z is definitely out of its element on terrain like that.

Thanks again.
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Back to my favourite Metzeler Roadtec01 tires
« Last post by RobZ900 on Yesterday at 05:04 pm »
*Originally Posted by zed9 [+]
Now itís time for the Conti Road Attack.

Theyíre also on my ďto tryĒ list lol.
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