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Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Horn relocation.
« Last post by KawaJagz on Today at 09:14:54 PM »
And the horn is hidden from all the thrown up road crud.
New Member Introductions / Re: new guy
« Last post by porkchop on Today at 07:26:30 PM »
*Originally Posted by rezzrider [+]
Just bought the Z a week ago.. have almost 600 miles on. Can't get in for the first oil change till next week. So have not been riding her.  Bought the Kawasaki performance pack but have not installed yet. I had bought the z650 2 years ago. Was in for an oil change and asked sales person how much for the 900. Was a good deal and since I loved the 650.. the 900 had to be even better So I pulled the trigger. Not disappointed at all. Its great to find a community like this. Its a awesome resource from people that have the passion. Thanks to all contributors.

Do the oil change yourself, voids no warranty... Keep riding.
Does the Yamaha racing antifreeze have corrosion inhibitors?
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Suspension Setting
« Last post by KellyL on Today at 03:11:32 PM »
Try 3-4 extra turns of additional rear preload, and 2 clicks clockwise for front rebound (from standard settings).

Yes check the suspension section on the forum, this has already been discussed in depth.
An effective hack for this problem is to place a 3cm piece of electrical tape over the left side of the instrument gauge, where it says "H" and "C". Hardcore riders have used this traditional Kawasaki hack since the GPZ900R - which is what the H and C stand for.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Cleaning downpipes
« Last post by porkchop on Today at 02:35:10 PM »
Eagle 1 Nev R Dull  :028:
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Suspension Setting
« Last post by porkchop on Today at 02:27:00 PM »
Check the suspension set up + mods section,  various threads with info to probably get you close.
*Originally Posted by Frontline [+]

At this point (OP), try blue Kool-Aid (pun intended).

Would you still need to add Water Wetter if it's made with water?  :084:
*Originally Posted by zed9 [+]
If that Yami blue coolant is 'racing' coolant you should make sure it has lubricant and corrosion inhibitors in it and is ok for use in a street bike. If a race bike crashes the track doesn't want any slippery stuff in it.
Just a thought.
It does have lube.... Yamaha calling it "racing coolant" is all marketing because its standard glycol based stuff and most racing tracks have rules against using that stuff because its a pita to clean up (or slick). So its an oxymoron type product.

At this point (OP), try blue Kool-Aid (pun intended).
Z900 - Main Chat board / Re: Me On the z900
« Last post by zed9 on Today at 01:00:52 PM »
*Originally Posted by Warmweather-Rider [+]
I like that zed9,  the reflector tape looks great, thanks to your nephew also!  My stingers white light kit should be here in a week!  Itís gonna look good on the red black and grey Z900!  I am excited.  My friend is a lawn mower mechanic and also works on cars.  He is going to put my lights on for me,  I have an old truck and his is broken so I am going to let him put his trash in my truck bed and drive it off to the trash dump with him.  He is my friend.  He just moved into an old house and the previous people left a lot of trash in his yard.  It has been really hot down here in Alabama lately!
We've had hot muggy weather up here but this weekend is going to get to 100 degrees with high humidity.
I've been down your way this time of year, it's brutal.
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